About Gregg Steinberg

Dr. Gregg’s Message

From his 30 years coaching elite athletes and executives and from his extensive research, Dr. Gregg has discovered that the secret to success is EMOTIONAL MASTERY. When you master your emotions, you master your world. When you master your emotions, you can bounce back quickly from a difficult client interaction, you can remain confident when times are difficult, you can stay emotionally connected when you are completely distracted, and you can handle the daily pressures of work and life that grow with time. He shares this powerful message with his audience but also gives hands-on tools so that the audience can lead a more effective and happier life-Dr. Gregg wants you to thrive on the inside!

Dr. Gregg as an author

His first book MentalRules for Golf, was endorsed by Tiger Woods’ coach. His second book, Flying Lessons, shows parents how to build mental and emotional toughness in their children with targeted activities. This book has been adopted by churches around the globe as an education tool for young children. His third book, Full Throttle shows you how to supercharge your energy and performance by mastering the 6 key emotional strengths. It is a Washington Post Business Best-Seller.



Fall Up! is the first book that provides a complete picture for blossoming from the bitters.

By understanding the stages of transcendence, as illustrated in this book, you will be able to progress through each stage to acquire transcend-ability.

With transcend-ability, you will become super-resilient and turn adversity into your superpower for personal growth.

Other Books by Dr. Steinberg

Flying Lessons

Flying Lessons shows parents how to enhance their child’s mental game using targeted activities.

Mental Rules For Golf

MentalRules for Golf is the consummate golf psychology book.It will boost your confidence, relieve your pre-shot anxieties, and fine-tune your concentration levels.

Full Throttle

Do you want to be charged up every day? Do you want to be focused for every meeting? Do you want greater health, balance and happiness?


Dr. Gregg’s work has greatly added to the new field of positive psychology.

Dewey Bushaw, Executive Vice President, Pacific Life

Dr. Steinberg is also an in-demand speaker. Dr. Gregg communicates to his audience through heartfelt stories. He weaves stories that are riveting yet life-changing. Corporations, associations, schools and even 8 year old golfers, have all indicated that Dr. Gregg is a unique and gifted speaker. According to their feedback, his uniqueness stems from being

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